instructional video

Step 1:

Put the box together. Take the opl collection bottle/dropper and sit it in the box (this avoids spills).

Step 2:

Gently open or cut the oral rinse sachet and pour the rinse into the mouth. Swish and gargle for 30 seconds with the mouth rinse (cheeks gums, tongue, and back of throat several times. Do not swallow the mouth rinse solution.  Unscrew the opl collection bottle/dropper and spit into the collector while holding it close to your mouth. Screw the top back on and place it back in the holder.

Step 3:

Using the collection sponge scrub the inside of your mouth (cheeks, gums. tongue and back of the throat then place the swab under your tongue for 30 seconds. Do not bite, suck or chew on the sponge, after 30 secs remove it from mouth and place it and insert it in the provided opl collection bottle/dropper.

Step 4:

Twist open sample extraction buffer packet and dump its contents onto the inserted swab in the collector tube. Let it stand for 1 minute.

Step 5:

During the 1 minute wait,  slowly push the sponge head into the narrow part of the collection tube to allow thorough mixing of the sample with the extraction buffer. After 1 minute remove the collection swab by pulling the straw upward while compressing the narrow portion of the collector to squeeze the sponge head while pulling the sponge out of the collector.. discard the swab and close the collection tube with its cap.

Step 6:

Remove the test device from its pouch right before using it.

Step 7:

Snap the dropper nozzle upright and add 3 drops into the S well on the device. Wait 15 minutes and read the results.

Covid 19 Testing Kit
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