Intercountry consultation on the sustainability of tuberculosis, HIV and malaria programmes in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and transitioning towards domestic financing title=5 June 2022 Countries in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region receiving resources from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria need to start to address the sustainability of their national HIV, tuberculosis and malaria strategies and programmes, regardless of their economic capacity or disease burden.

To facilitate this, WHO is developing a document to help countries in the Region strengthen the sustainability of their HIV, tuberculosis and malaria services and, when ready, prepare for the transition from Global Fund support. The document provides a menu of actions, under different health system components, that countries can adopt according to their context.

To raise awareness about the issue and introduce the draft document, the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean held an intercountry consultation on 1–2 June in Cairo, Egypt, attended by participants from Djibouti, Egypt, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan and Tunisia, along with staff from WHO and its partners, including the Global Fund, IOM and UNAIDS.

The discussions during the consultation focused on ensuring the validity and feasibility of the proposed menus of actions and that the document adequately reflects the needs and challenges of the countries in the Region.

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