Cairo, 7 July 2022 – In a few days, tens of millions of people around the world will observe Eid Al-Adha, the Muslim festival marking the culmination of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca and commemorating the sacrifice of Abraham; I wish us all healthy, happy,  and safe celebrations.

In the Eastern Mediterranean Region, this religious occasion comes at a time when countries continue to face major health emergencies, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. More than 100 million people across the Region remain in need of humanitarian aid, including almost 32 million people forcibly displaced.

Millions of people will mark Eid Al-Adha this year as they grieve over the loss of loved ones, struggle with illness or disease, or mourn the loss of their homes or livelihoods. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have faced unimaginable suffering. My thoughts also go out to the families of the health workers and humanitarian workers whose lives were tragically lost to COVID-19 or other threats as they worked hard to save the lives of others.

But in every crisis, humankind has invariably demonstrated its ability to adapt and resolve to survive. Despite the risks and hardships that millions of people in our Region continue to face, Eid Al-Adha brings with it the spirit of solidarity, optimism,  and renewed hope. 

In line with our Regional regional Vision 2023 of “Health for All, by All”, COVID-19 highlighted that it is only through solidarity, coordination,  and action that we can overcome collective adversity

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